WW Week 1: The Fusco 35cron

Welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday here at Made in Weztlar! Every Wednesday we hope to refresh that boring desktop, phone, tablet or other speical content spewing, light emitting screen in your life. Maybe we'll only provide you with a unique piece of Leica for your view pleasure. Never the less here is a downloadable link to this weeks wallpaper.

The Fusco 35cron

This week we have a special 8 element first generation 35mm Summicron in black paint for you screen looking enjoyment.

This lens is a special piece because it was owned and obviously heavily used by Paul Fusco. Paul Fusco, a world renown Magnum photographer covered a large number of social issues globally. Who knows what this lens has seen, but even though its complete history may be known it still brings an interesting collection piece that is still more than usable even on modern digital M's

Read more about Paul Fusco here. 

For those who are curious. These images where shot with the Leica SL Typ 601, along with a Noctilux 0.95 with a custom adapted ELPRO.