The Oberwerth Richard & Casual line of Bags

Ok, I admit it, I'm a camera bag extremest. I probably have a dozen different camera bags that are in my closet that I have collected over the past several years. I have Thinktank, ONA, Billingham, Peak Design, and now Oberwerth bags. All different sizes, all different purposes, and might I add ALL great bags. I might have too many, but I buy all of them for a different reason. What can I say, I love a good camera bag!  

Over the past few weeks, I have been using the Oberwerth Richard, the newest bag in Oberwerth's line up of "casual bags," as my daily bag for cameras, tech, and daily necessities. I love this bag. There is no way around it. This is the most beautifully made, and most remarkable bag I have ever used. 

Recently I got to sit down with Stefan Immes, CEO of Oberwerth and creator of some of the most beautiful camera bags and accessories on the market today. He explained to me how their bags are responsibly made with vegetable tanned leathers and how Oberwerth pours every last drop of effort into making, not just a camera bag, but a remarkable camera bag. Yes, they are not inexpensive, but they are made to last, and last in style. I have been lusting after one of these bags for some time with the Frankfurt, Wetzlar, Munchin, and Porto constantly coming on and off my shelves. I couldn't decide which one until recent when Oberwerth launched its new line of "casual bags." Like many of you, I am sure, I carry a camera (or several cameras), and lenses with me at all times. Usually, my Leica Monochrom goes with me everywhere I go, but at the same time, I carry an ultrabook, notebook and several other accessories with me along the way. This calls for a great all-around bag. Oberwerth has released just such a bag or bags!

The new casual line of bags is a beautiful line-up of bags that are completely handcrafted in Germany. The number one thing I love about the casual line of bags is that Oberwerth has done a great job of not making them look like camera bags even though they are photography-centric to the T. 

I opted for the Oberwerth Richard since it is large enough to carry enough gear when I am out and about testing and doing what I need to as well as being large enough to carry my laptop, notebook, and other daily items I use. 

The Harry & Sally makes for a small and lightweight bag capable of carrying a smaller camera and several lenses. 

The William is the midsized bag capable of carrying a couple bodies and lenses while being large enough for a 13-inch laptop, tablet, or ultrabook. 

The Richard is the largest and is perfect for carrying a medium format system, Leica SL or a few M bodies and lenses. All of these bags are made from super soft vegetable tanned leather. The leather on these bags is stunning! Never in my life have I seen a bag made from such a soft leather. Many times, after much use, I find my bags lose their form. That is not the case with the Oberwerth Richard. This bag holds up and stays the way it was built even though I am constantly using it and taking gear in and out of it. 

Capable of fitting several M bodies, lenses and a Leica SL! You can't see it but there is a laptop in there as well! 

The Richard features two big dump pockets on the front that is perfect for all the cords, accessories, and odds and ends that I have to put in my bag. The main compartment is more than large enough to carry a couple M bodies and an SL setup. This is perfect since when I go out for a full day of shooting I like to take an SL, digital M and a film M. I can also fit a couple M lenses in there! I always have my tablet/ultrabook on me and that fits seamlessly in the back of the bag along with my memory cards and what not. 

Here at Camera West and Leica Store SF, we are very selective about the products that we put on shelves. We strive to only put the most remarkable and beautiful goods on our shelves so that you can choose from only the best. The Oberwerth Richard fits the ticket and then some! The craftsmanship that has been put into this bag is evident. From the design to the materials to the fit and finish the Oberwerth Richard is truly a remarkable product. Remarkable is why I decided this is the bag I will use the most day to day. 


Order The New Oberwerth Casual Line of Bags here:


Oberwerth Harry & Sally

Oberwerth William

Oerwerth Richard