The Leica 50mm F1.4 Summilux Black Paint

This Leica 50mm1.4 Summilux black paint, #1661029, is in wonderful condition with only minor patina.  I rate this one cosmetically at (9) condition.  These early Summilux lenses also have an optical quality, which is very pleasing.  This is a very early sample from 1959, which has the red scale and brass mount.  The black paint lenses were not an official catalog item and were produced by special agency order.  This one might have been made to go with one of the early M2 button rewind cameras from 1958 and is more rare than the camera itself.  The lens comes with the shade and original lens bubble.  I have had a lot of these in black before, but never one in this condition with the brass mount.  This was acquired from the original owner and will make a beautiful addition to any black M2 or M3 camera.