Photokina 2014! News and Products from Leica

We are very excited to see what Leica has for us here at Photokina 2014! We will be updating this blog post throughout the duration of Photokina, so that you are kept up to date with all the latest news. 

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Welcome to Photokina 2014! We are so excited to see what Leica has announced here. 

Some pictures of Photokina Hall

Opening ceremony.  Karen Kaufman introduces the photography exhibits


A nice crowd has gathered for the opening ceremony.


Mrs kaufmann introduces Thomas hoepker, one of the feature photographers of 60 years of the M system

Dr Kaufmann celebrates the 60 years of the M system with a shorts peach and presentation.

Dr Kaugmann shows the 60 year anniversary camera.  a stainless steel M, with only four buttons and no LCD, to allow photographer to concentrate solely on the decisive moment.  Possibly the most epic camera set ever produced by Leica.

Dr. Kaufmann introduces the new S Typ 007 at the opening of Photokina.  This camera has live view and 4k video function.  It is noticeably faster focusing and shooting that the current model and will be well received by the marketplace.

The new Limited Edition Leica bag, made by Schedoni, who makes luggage for Ferrari and Rolls Royce, is made from over 100 individual pieces of leather, taking over 18 hours to craft.  This case will hold your M system and a small laptop.  This is limited to only 100 units worldwide.

Diana holds the new V-Lux camera, with a larger image sensor, 25-400mm zoom, WiFi, and built in EVF viewfinder.  This camera is very responsive and has an auto switching EVF.  Like its predecessors, this will be an amazingly popular model in the Leica product lineup!

A shot that shows about 1/8th of the space that Leica is using at Photokina, which is about 1/4 of the area to show camera.  I'll be here for most of the day as there are so many great new items from Leica to enjoy!

These cases are absolutely amazing!  The craftsmanship is unparalleled.  This one is #14/100 units produced.  The Schedoni accessories are rumored to not be limited and include an iPad case, Phone Case and a business card wallet.  No price is announced yet, but these will be must have accessories for a lot of owners.

The Aneas cases will be available in November and will cost $720 for the small and $980 for the medium.

This new D-Lux is wonderful.  With a full 4/3 sensor, 4k video, WiFi and a fast lens, this is a hard camera to pass up either as your primary camera or as a backup to your M system.

The 60th anniversary M60 camera is a rather epic introduction from Leica.  It is made from stainless steel and comes with the 35mm1.4 Asph-II lens and is packaged in a hand made case.  It is a digital camera, but with no LCD screen and only four buttons to allow the shooter to concentrate solely on the rangefinder viewfinder and capturing the moment.  Many will not understand this concept, but any seasoned film rangefinder shooter will grasp it in a moment.  With digital, once an image is made, there is an undeniable temptation to look at the screen and review the image.  When you are doing this, you are not ready for the action and will frequently miss your follow up shot.  This model will allow you to solely concentrate on image capture and will reintroduce a bit of the magic of photography back into your workflow.

The M-A is a new film camera from Leica which is totally mechanical.  This is for the hard core film shooters who removed their batteries from their MP's and would prefer the cleaner lines of the M-A camera.  This camera is destined to become a true timeless classic.  Each camera is supplied with a roll of Kodak Tri-X film, which also is celebrating its 60th birthday this year.

The silver Noctilux, and 35 Summilux will be available at the end of October and will cost $11,350 for the Noctilux and $5,450 for the 35mm. 

The new X-E uses the same accessories as the X2 and features a faster image processor and an updated, very attractive, color scheme.  

The new X camera, is built on the same platform as the X-Vario, but features a fixed, 35mm1.7 Summilux lens, WiFi and is compatible with the same Visoflex that works on the T system. The lens is expectedly sharp with a nice bokeh.  The camera comes in all black and brown over silver.  Minimum focus is very close as well.  I do not recall the exact spec, but it seems to focus to about six inches.  There are several new accessories for the camera including two half cases, similar full cases and a visoflex case.  This is sure to be a desirable addition to the line.

The accessories display at Photokina is very impressive!

These new f2.4 Summarit lenses come in both black and silver color.  The 35mm2.4 is now ASPH and all lenses are now packaged with lens shades and are all very attractive.

The wide looks exceptionally well corrected and is a steal.  Both of these lenses look and feel great!

Leica also has a system case, perfect for either a M, or T.  Has a large compartment for a laptop, or ipad. This case will be available immediately after Photokina and will cost $470.

More to come...

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