New Firmware for Leica M Cameras

Today Leica released a new firmware for the current line up of Leica M cameras. This firmware brings many new performance upgrades and bug fixes to the Leica M.


  • Optimization that prevents camera lock up after excessive continuous shooting.
  • User profiles no longer save exposure compensation.
  • SD Memory Cards up to 512gb are now supported
  • Default image file format is now DNG+JPG rather than JPG
  • GPS time out period has been extended to 2.5 hours.
  • DNG files are now viewable on the Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246) even when zooming in.
  • Warning appears on screen when movies are being recorded to a memory card with insufficient speeds.


Bug Fixes

  • Camera freezing due to shooting rapidly has been fixed.
  • Improved accuracy of the internal clock
  • When using auto iso in M mode the metering mode can now be seen in playback
  • Files larger than 2gb can now be transferred via USB.
  • Histogram display has now been optimized for higher ISO values.
  • Flash exposure compensation values are more accurate in playback.
  • Inaccurate “Check battery age” message has been removed.
  • Leica M Monochrom rear screen error where black pixels in fine patterns would form have been fixed.
  • Other miscellaneous optimization have been implemented.


Instructions for Updating your M Firmware

  1. Format SD card in M camera.
  2. Connect SD card to your computer via SD card reader.
  3. Download firmware from the links below for your appropriate M camera.
  4. Save firmware to your SD card.
  5. Turn off your Leica M and insert card, replace the bottom plate.
  6. Hold down the “INFO” button on the back of your camera and turn on the camera.
  7. Wait for the “loading file…” text to appear on the back of the screen, and allow your Leica M 2-4 minutes to update.
  8. Once update is complete your Leica M will notify you on the back screen.

Please be advised: Do not to turn your camera off, removed the bottom plate or remove the SD card during the update process. for Leica M/M-P (Typ 240) for Leica M Monochrom(Typ 246) for Leica M (Typ 262)