Leica SL Firmware 2.0

Leica Camera has released a new firmware update today for the Leica SL. After using the Leica SL since it released several months ago I have taken note of many of the items that have been addressed in this update. All of us here at Camera West and Leica Store SF are looking forward to getting behind the Leica SL with this new firmware. Not only has Leica been able to refine some of the software functions of the SL, but has also added a few new features to the Leica SL's already impressive setup. 

Take a look through the list of items that have been refined, added and fixed. It is pretty substantial!

New Features

  • Exposure Compensation can now be controlled via the top and rear dials within Program, Aperture, and Time modes.
  • The additions of manual shutters speeds up to 30 minutes, and electronic shutter speeds up to 1/16000 seconds.
  • Improved auto focus speed, precision tracking along with new AF-steps in setup menu and 529 auto focus points.


Other Improvements 

  • Full support for all Leica Flashes with improved TTL/HSS modes.
  • DNG-only mode and the ability to review DNGs during playback
  • Improved time code in the setup menu.
  • Improved power saving during interval exposure and long exposure modes.
  • Flash exposure compensation controls added to the favorite list and customizable button options.
  • Customizable list of Leica M and R lenses.
  • Improved JPEG image quality.
  • Improved white balance.
  • New noise reduction options (Low, Medium, High) in JPEG options.
  • Ability to edit/change the first letter of file names.
  • Improved Auto ISO with added minimum ISO option added.
  • Display of WIFI password during input.
  • Improved focus peaking with the option of sensitivity along with the addition of a focus peaking icon in live view.
  • Custom user profiles can contain up to 10 letters.
  • Image rating is now compatible with adobe software.
  • Transparent histogram
  • AF now visible in continuous low and continuous high modes.
  • Video format and resolution options are now combined into the same menu.
  • Support for more UHS-II cards
  • AF Bug fixes


You can download the new firmware by logging into the Leica Owners Area.

If you have any questions concerning the upgrade of your camera or need assistance feel free to reach out info@madeinwetzlar.com