Leica S Promotion

Leica is now offering a promotion on both the S and S-E (Typ 006) cameras. 

S (Typ 006) with 70mm Summarit ASPH lens for $15995

S-E (Typ 006) with 70mm Summarit ASPH lens for $12995

This is a great opportunity for those of you that are looking to get into the Leica S system or a medium format system for that matter. The 70mm lens, which will be bundled with these sets, is a fantastic starting lens for the S system since it comes out to be around a 50mm equivalent in 35mm terms.

For those of you who might ask. Main difference between these two sets is the warranty, and thus the price difference. The S (Typ 006) will be under a 2 year warranty from Leica and the S-E (Typ 006) will come with a 1 year warranty. 

In addition to the sets above, Leica Store SF will be offering more flexible options of obtaining a Leica S 006. We have a limited quantity of Leica S 006 bodies available for purchase. By purchasing any lens at 12% off we will give you the option to purchase a Leica S at $8995. Please contact us for more information 

If you have any questions about possibly taking advantage of this sale please call use or drop us an email.