Leica MP Hammertone LHSA Set

This camera commemorated the 35th anniversary of the Leica Historical Society of America.  The 35mm2.0 lens included in the set is special as it is designed with cosmetic features of the original 8-element 35mm2.0 Summicron lens.  The aperture ring is extended to facilitate adjustment with the lens hood installed. This camera was limited to only 1000 units.  When it was first released, the body, leicavit and lens, could be ordered separately.  Late into the production, Leica stopped providing the items individually, and supplied then as a set, as is shown here.  I sold many of these new, but as I recall, I only had a handfull of the matching sets.  While production of the body was limited to 1000 units, many less Leicavit units and lens units were produced as there initially were quite a few orders for bodies only.  This remains one of the most attractive and desirable modern film cameras ever made.