Focusing on the Essential: New Products from Leica

Focusing on the Essential

Leica has released several exciting new products, and there are more on the way! Here at Made in Wetzlar we are keeping you up to date with all the new products from Leica, and providing you with the latest information on how you can order these products, and if they are best suited for your photographic needs. 

Leica 60mm-APO-Macro-Elmarit-TL


This lens was announced several months ago by Leica, but it is now in stock in all three of our Leica Locations! This is an exciting new lens for the Leica T system. I personally have been able to shoot the lens on my Leica T and it performs with extreme precision. This might very well become one of my favorite T lenses. With the maximum aperture of F2.8 you are able to create some really unique shallow DOF images with lovely Bokeh, but once stopped down this lens is capable of achieving clinical images with razor sharp focus.

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Leica M-P "Titan" Titanium Set

With the M9 Leica launched a very limited, and now very sought after titanium set. Now they have launched a limited edition M-P set with only 333 made worldwide. This set will include not only the M-P body, but a Titanium 50mm APO-Summicron-M as well as a Titanium 28mm Summicron-M ASPH. This is a beautiful collector's piece that serves as a landmark in the history of the Leica M. These are very limited in quantity. If you are interested in reserving one of these cameras we have made them available for purchase until our allocation runs out.

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The first ever instant camera from Leica the Leica Sofort brings a fun twist to Leica's current line up of cameras. The Sofort will come in three colors, mint, orange, and white with a full range of accessories. As far as film the Sofort takes the already popular instax mini film with a Leica version available in monochrom and color upon release of the camera. The camera's simple operation along with a variety of fun settings allow fo instant creativity. Order yours today! We should have units shipping in November.

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Leica SL 50mm Summilux ASPH

The long awaited Lecia 50mm Summilux-SL F1.4 ASPH is now available for Pre-Order! This new optical design contains 11 elements two of which being aspherical. This lens is built to be a benchmark lens in Leica's already outstanding lineup of 50mm lenses for the M, T, R, and now SL systems. The build and construction of this lens are made to match the rigidity of the Leica SL body and zooms, and with that the 50mm Summilux-SL will feature internal focus and full weather sealing. We should see this lens ship at the beginning of 2017.

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Leica SL Multifunction Handgrip HG-SCL4

Designed with both form and function in mind the Leica SL Multifunction handgrip provides added ergonomics to the Leica SL. The HG-SCL4 features an additional shutter release, a joystick control for autofocus and the ability to store a second battery in the camera. We should begin shipping these grips sometime in October.

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