Cuba Workshop | January 15-21, 2018 with Tom Brichta & Christopher P. Baker

Workshop Description

Join Camera West, along with Tom Brichta, travel photographer, and Christopher P. Baker, National Geographic’s expert on Cuba, as we travel to Cuba January 15th-21st.

During our week's adventure, we will discover the people and land of Cuba.  Our person to person tour will take us to Havana, where we will interact with the people and their culture.

While in Havana we’ll visit the Nacinoal de Ballet, (Ballet School), see many of the Habana Vieja Plazas to meet the locals. We will see some of Cuba’s finest boxers training at Gimnasio Rafael Trejo, one of Cuba’s best boxing facilities. Take a ride in classic cars to dinner, and meet local photographers, and enjoy the sunset, along with the Malecon.  We will stay in Casas Particulares, which are private homes.

From Havana, we’ll travel to Las Terrazas, and Vinales, Cuba’s Tobacco growing region.  Here we will meet artists Henry Aloma and Lester Campa. We will also visit the Finca Pinar San Luis tobacco farm. We will also have time to photograph the landscape, and meet more people of the region, and also enjoy some of their local food.  Again, we’ll stay in private local homes.

We hope you can join us on this small intimate adventure, we’ll only have ten participants.  You’ll enjoy over thirty years of Christopher’s knowledge and stories of Cuba, along with photography tips from Tom.


What's Included

  • 6 Night Accommodations in Cuba
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Some Meals
  • Coordination of all activities listed in itenerary
  • Full time, professional, bilingual guide for listed activities
  • Local ground transportation for activities
  • Speaker Fees
  • Admission to all museums and public buildings included in workshop itinerary
  • Pre-trip departure information
  • Compliance with U.S. Treasury Department regulations


Whats Not Included

  • Round-Trip Airfare
  • Baggage fees
  • Meals and activities outside of trip itinerary
  • Individual house or hotel expenses 


Note: Itinerary is not explained in detail here and is for the consumption of booked participants only. 


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About | Tom Brichta

Thomas’s passion for photography started in the early seventies with the purchase of his first SLR, (a far cry from today’s sophisticated DSLR’s). Then, every adjustment to the camera was manual. He credits this to his methodical attention to details in his photos. Mentors also played a large part in the development of his skills, along with weekend trips to the countryside to enhance his skills and eye.

He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the late seventies. Here, he met three photographers that would help influence his photography. Two were Wedding and Portraiture Photographers and one, a Landscape Photographer. For awhile Thomas had a successful wedding and portraiture business. To relax he would head out with his camera and photograph the land and seascapes of Northern California. This is where he fell in love with the outdoors and landscape photography. One day while photographing the outdoors he was handed an 8 X 10 matt board with a 5 X 7 cutout and was told to look through it. As he says, “I started looking at our world in a different way”. The earth now became a canvas to his eyes.

For 26 yrs. Thomas was the Leica Camera Representative for Northern California, He also was one of the founding members of the Leica Akademie in the US. Now, he runs his own photography business,and leads workshops all over the world.  His workshops have a limited number of participants, only 8-10 so he can give individual attention to all. They are not only a photo workshop, but also the experience of the location. You will be at the right location, with the right light, but you'll also experience the people, the culture, and the food of the area. His workshops locations have not only included California and the U.S, but also other beautiful places on earth. 

Most of the photographs you’ll see on his website are from his workshops. Some of the stateside locations have been; the Ghost town of Bodie California, Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Slot Canyons, the Eastern Sierra, Yosemite,and Monument Valley. Internationally he has lead workshops in; France, Germany, Galapagos Islands, and his favorite, Tuscany.

About | Christopher P. Baker

California-based journalist Christopher P. Baker has made a career as a professional travel writer, photographer, lecturer, tour escort and moto-journalist since 1983. Christopher—the Lowell Thomas Award 2008 ‘Travel Journalist of the Year’—has been honored with many other awards, including ‘Travel Journalist of the Year’ by both the Caribbean Tourism Organization and Jamaica Tourist Board. His many books include the coffee-table book, Cuba Classics: A Celebration of Vintage American Automobiles, plus the National Geographic Traveler Cuba guidebook.

He is a National Geographic assignment photographer, has led photo workshops in Cuba for National Geographic Expeditions and Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, among others, and has been published in magazines as diverse as National Geographic, National Wildlife, and Penthouse.  

He has been acclaimed by National Geographic as "one of the world’s leading authorities on Cuba travel and culture.".

He appears frequently as a Cuba expert on radio and television talk shows throughout North America and has provided TV and radio interviews and commentary for ABC, Al Jazeera, BBC, CCTV, CNN, Fox News Channel, the National Geographic Channel, MSNBC, plus NPR, among many other radio and television programs.

View Christopher P. Baker's Work here.


Notes on the Current Status of Cuba:

Cuba certainly has been in the news over the last week as the result of a diplomatic spat between our two countries. We have been in close touch with the State Department, The U.S. Embassy in Havana and Cuban authorities in Cuba and Washington over the last several months regarding the health incidents affecting U.S. diplomats and the political fall out. Here are some thoughts on the issue. 

  • Cuba Educational Travel has done its due diligence in examining the facts and talking to authorities in both countries. We have determined there is no risk to U.S. travelers and similar to major U.S. airlines, cruise ships, Airbnb, study abroad associations and others, we are continuing to do business as usual. We believe these are isolated incidents that have not affected private citizens and Cuba continues to be one of the safest countries in the World. 
  • The State Department Travel Warning for Cuba is political and the result of sparring between the U.S. and Cuban government. You will notice that it states no private U.S. citizens have been affected, while at the same time using language even stronger than advisories for Europe, under threat for terrorism, and Mexico, under threat for murder, kidnapping and other violent crime. 
  • Reduced embassy staffs will not affect the way we operate or our clients’ safety on the ground. We have been running trips to Cuba for over 10 years. The embassies are just over 2 years old and essential staff will remain at the U.S. Embassy in Havana and the Cuban Embassy in Washington, DC. 
  • There has been no change in the legality of travel to Cuba. It’s still legal for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba under one of the 12 categories of purposeful travel, which we arrange through our license from the U.S. Treasury Department. 
  • There has been no change in the issuing of visas to enter Cuba. We have a contract with the Cuban consulate and we have purchased thousands of visas, which we are authorized to provide our travelers with. 



​Photos © Tom Brichta. Used with Permission.