Announcing the New 28mm F5.6 Summaron M

Leica has announced a new lens in their M lens line up. With this new lens, Leica takes a more classic approach. The new 28mm Summaron-M models itself after the old 28mm Summaron screw mount lens from the mid-1950s. Known for its extreme compactness and large depth of field the 28mm summary was ideal for reportage photography where it was necessary to zone focus and remain discrete. This is what makes the new 28mm Summaron-M so unique in the m lens line up. Only a little bit larger than a mere lens cap the summaron lens can remain on your M camera at all times without bulking up the body of the camera. 

The zone focus scale on this lens is going to be very easy to operate and read due to the red scale markings, and long focus throw. This lens is perfect for on the go shooting.

Overall the image that the 28mm Summaron-M produces is very similar to the old summaron. Looking at these sample images the Leica has given us I see that this lens renders a rather vintage aesthetic, one that I am used to from old Leica lenses. There is a decent amount of vignetting, and analog-like contrast that is going to bring the era this lens was designed to the modern digital age.

Overall this is a really exciting new lens from Leica. I think the compact design and classic photo rendering capabilities will make for a killer combo. I personally can't wait to get my hands on one and put it on my monochrom!

The list price for this lens is $2495, but pre-ordering this lens only requires a 10% down payment to reserve your copy, and this the remaining balance of the lens will be charged once stock arrives, and is ready to ship. Order yours today here.