April 9th Leica M Owners Workshop with Wayne Serrano

Details at a Glance

Event: Leica M Workshop

Location: Leica Store SF, 463 Bush St. 94108

Date/Time: Saturday, April 9th, 2016 10am-4pm

Contact: myles@leicastoresf.com

Cost: $299 per person (Includes Lunch)

Available Seats: 20

To Regester

A $299 registration fee is required to reserve your seat. To register please contact myles@leicastoresf.com or call Leica Store SF at 415.801.5066.


Workshop Overview

This Leica workshop is designed and intended to provide you with the information to understand and control your Leica M camera so that you may begin making photographs as you envision them.

What is required: The camera you intend to use along with your choice of a lens. The 28mm, 35mm or 50mm focal lengths are highly recommended.

What to expect: You will interact with the instructor and fellow photographers and will be provided information to improve your photography skills and knowledge. The workshop is informal and hands-on and although questions are encouraged we have quite a bit of information to share so we do ask for your understanding and patience.

What we will discuss: People, Cityscapes, Street Photography, Portraits, how to work with people, timing, composition, your goal as a photographer, your unique talents and skills, discuss workflow, editing tips, Digital Asset Management, white balance, exposure and the quality light.

End result: You can expect to get a relaxed and simplified view on photography and realize that this is something you can excel in and enjoy. From this workshop you will gain the knowledge and ability to begin making photographs instead of taking pictures. A hands-on workshop for owners of the Leica M cameras. Owners shoot with their own cameras and learn practical skills to enhance their M experience with a professional Leica instructor.

Workshop Scope:

This workshop will help ensure that you are making the most of the capabilities of the M type240. The Instructor will lead you through understanding the menu system, recommended settings and step by step tips to help you increase the accuracy of your metering and speed of focus. The workshop is arranged with a flexible schedule, so the group can organically discuss and share feedback, based on their unique areas of interest or desired areas of improvement. Having personal access to a seasoned Leica instructor will give you an unparalleled opportunity to ask tough questions and receive practical attention.

In order to put theory into practice, you'll venture out on a shoot in the local area, giving you the chance to acquire expert advice while in the field - expanding your skills, working techniques and confidence while shooting.

Attendance is strictly limited to 20 participants, so be sure to sign up at your earliest opportunity.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Introduction to M-System
  • Using a rangefinder
  • Optimal camera settings
  • Customizing the M 
  • M shooting session


Who should attend this Workshop?

Workshop is being offered exclusively to current Leica M owners. Owners of all experience levels will benefit from this program. Cost is $299 and includes lunch.


About Wayne Serrano


My primary passion as a photographer is capturing the dynamic aesthetic of subjects within their own environments. In my many years in the profession, I have always gained the greatest amount of personal satisfaction and pleasure from creating images that are beautiful, that highlight diversity, and are also thought provoking.

My goal is straightforward in purpose; document and capturing the naturalness of people being themselves living their lives while experiencing the moments and emotions that make up the sensations of life. “My passion is translating the life experience of real people into compelling photographs."

I know the dynamic world in which we live is interrelated at local and global levels, and, is ever changing. The purpose of my project is to document the uniqueness of each subject, their place in the world, and portray the resiliency and spontaneous nature that defines the human spirit. I have been allowed entrée to witness and document the lives of others and that is, I consider, an amazing privilege.

Found Portraits: People and Their Places, is an ongoing photo project of mine. I work with generous amounts of patience and determination to capture individuals in their own environments. I strive to create images that honestly and accurately portray subjects with pride and dignity.

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